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E L L E   U S   A P R I L   1 9 9 8
P H O T O G R A P H E R   /   G I L L E S   B E N S I M O N
M O D E L   /   E S T H E R   C A N A D A S

text edited out by me

she has an identical body to Kate Moss, and her face is similar too. Just so beautiful, imagine being on the receiving end of that gaze. 

Anyway, the one thing that annoys me most about tumblr, is that you find a picture, fall in love, and have no idea where or when it's from. That's where Kate comes in. Every single editorial photo she posts, has all the publishing details; title, year, model & publication. LOVE it. That's where I found the first pic & sourced the rest on google myself. Check out her tumblr HERE. Thanks Kate, you absolute rockstar x


SAMANTHA said...

so beautiful! i want to be there. and yes, the lack of citing on tumblr gets quite frustrating!


il était une fois... said...

biggest pet hate about tumblr!! and then they get so much credit for it, fucks me right off! LOVE this and totally re-blogging it you know ;) x

WOLFCUB said...

exaaactly, a horrific injustice.

haha go for it gal pal, good taste x

Elegantly Wasted said...

You past ediotrial posts are by far my favourite thing about your blog! I would wear half of these things right. Particularly the sequin underwear and white singlet...maybe just not in public though, haha.



WOLFCUB said...

ohh so glad you like them, they're my favourite too.

How nuts are those sequin hot pants! Look so good on her teeny legs x

Liza Chloë said...

That second look, omg, awesome!!