hot, brown, skinny, topless &  happy - she'd be pretty good at life. I have a huge monster crush on this girl, I wonder what she's doing right now. And what's her name? And what language does she speak? Okay time to stop obsessing before I fall head over heels in love with a complete stranger. 

...too late


Kate N said...

Her name is Nadège Du Bospertus and the photo is from 1990! (Patrick D of course ;)
She's not modelling anymore but I have seen social pictures of her :)
Hope this helps! xx

WOLFCUB said...

you are a walking talking archive - thanks so much! x

Lonesome Mama said...

i have to ask you - how did you get the earlier and older post buttons like that? I can't find anything in the html code :)

Have a nice evening, love your blog!

WOLFCUB said...

Thanks lovely! I made it myself on Word - I've noticed a few people have copied it, so thanks for asking instead, I really appreciate it.

If you play around with arrows on Word, then copy paste to paint, save as a JPEG image - voila x