E R I N   W A S S O N   A T   T H E   A R T   B A S E L   M I A M I   B E A C H   V I A   H A R P E R S B A Z A A R . C O M

how does she do it. 
She makes me want to burn all my bras
& free ball with the best of them.


blackcatwildfox said...

I love her style-her and daria are really sexy yet really tomboyish. its so unfair! haha xx

SAMANTHA said...

she's seriously beautiful I love this dress, she rocks it


Lucabella said...

she does it every time, the perfect balance of cool, chic, sexy and that i dont give a fuck look...


WOLFCUB said...

its funny how this dress on anyone else would look hideous, but on her its flawless. I want to hate her for being so perfect, but i just cant...xxx