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I am so in awe of this woman. Absolutely convinced her hands are magic. A few months back, I asked Raych if she would pretty please paint me a WOLFCUB inspired piece for my new apartment in Sydney. Much to my delight, she said yes. And being the incredibly generous soul she is, she also sent me a second painting. Aren't they INCREDIBLE? Both artworks are now brightening up my room, and will soon take prime position above my bed. Check out this insanely talented individual for some artwork that will make you gasp over and over again. 

p.s. Dig, I owe you xx


Anonymous said...

were they expensive? I want one :)

Sam Style Paws said...

Holy shit balls, I am in love. They remind me a lot of Kimberly from Wildfox's illustration style. MAJOR! xx


Dig said...

You're far too kind.
I'm glad they're in a loving home!

il était une fois... said...

beyond amaze. loves them. xx