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thought I'd share with you guys, what would have to be my favourite purchase from the Byron roadtrip, back at New Years. I've been eyeing off Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuits online for a while, but when this baby popped up at a 50% off sale, and rolled my wetsuit-style-bikini fetish & high-neck obsession into one, I had to buy. Also, excuse the side-boob, will remember to tuck that in at the beach.


Kate said...

Love it, you have a great eye! Exactly what i'd been swooning over lately, I love the scuba sporty style and had seen some lisa marie on sale at bluefly but they didn't have my size :( that's perfect though!

SAMANTHA said...

this is so awesome, so unique!


WOLFCUB said...

checking BlueFly out as we speak! xx

Rackk and Ruin said...

I'd LOVE to wear something like this this summer!!

WOLFCUB said...

check online man, I'm sure one will pop up somewhere! I'll keep my eye out for you x