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C A R A   D E L E V I G N E   F O R   V O G U E   N I P P O N   D E C E M B E R   2 0 1 1

I love this with every bone in my body. Cara looks like a beautiful, delicate nymph girl, wandering through a dream-like plane, in another realm. 

...apologies for the terrible quality scans, they're all I could find, but didn't want to wait around for a better copy to surface.

so calming. I love when the impact of an editorial goes beyond the visual.


Ellen H. said...

This editorial is so breathtaking. Fantastic photography.


Kerrie said...

wow, this is so beautiful!

SAMANTHA said...

these photos are extremely beautiful and calming, thanks for sharing! xx


de luxe gypsy said...

Gorgeous and completely other worldly!! Thanks for sharing Brydie.xx


thereformedwanderer said...

AMAZING!!! sooo soo AMAZING!!!!!!!!! adding these to my mood board for Christmas!!!

Chloe said...

omg... unbelieveable


Fashion Cappuccino said...

These photos look as if they're from a dream! Amazing! xoxoxo

Sara Drazba said...

oh, i like the (lack of) quality! it encompasses the romantic and ethereal aspects within the content of the photos.
<3 theseunitedstatesofamericans

WOLFCUB said...

glad you all love it as much as me x