My new babies, bought today on my lunch break. So in love with the print, reminds me of Missoni x


Rackk and Ruin said...

ooooh i love them! Who makes them? I'm in need of a good pair of loafers. I've also been wanting to get to a city with a Target so i can see what Missoni's done for them. . . i'm thinking sheets, maybe a shower curtain. anything that zigs and zags.

galatea. said...

everyone is going crazy about missoni now. in the US they had this massive missoni sale in all the Targets and in 5 hours they were all sold out! lucky you got yourself a nice pair xx

WOLFCUB said...

You guuys, I think the whole Missoni/Target collab might just be in America, over here in Australia Target is still just plain old Target. No zig-zag print to brighten up my house unfortunately!

I found these bad boys at Rubi Shoes surprisingly, the last place I'd expect to find these. Enjoy your zig zag shower curtains you lucky americans! xx

lauren♥ said...

these are super cute!!!