I found this watch at the bottom of my underwear drawer last night - god knows what it was doing in there - and decided it should have a night out along side my ASOS cuff. Match made in heaven. I love the subtle rose gold detailing, it's just enough to balance the chunkiness & make the watch look feminine. No more underwear drawer for this one x


Anonymous said...

SO I LOVE WITH THIS WATCH. I have been searching for the perfect watch in two years (what a joke. two years devoted to finding a watch. i'm totally for real though)..and there it is! you have it! where did you find him?? xxx honey

WOLFCUB said...

I agree! You simply cannot settle for a half decent watch, it needs to be perfect. I actually got this one at a Jewellery store is Bali, so dont know how long its going to last...its supposedly GUESS but the price tag didnt do much to instill my confidence in the genuinity. It was AU$40, so probably wont last too much longer...sorry I cant be more help! I'm missing you and canot wait until this time next year! xxx