wouldn't want to get into a fight with me, would you. These are my new knuckle rings, I found today in a hardware store. I'm not sure exactly what purpose they serve in a hardware aspect, something to do with taps I think...the checkout guy had a little chuckle when I ripped off the tags and slipped them onto my fingers. I had SO much fun browsing through the endless hardware aisles, it was like rows and rows of chunky jewellery, and everything under $5! I also found a solid steel choker band (used to join pipes together - looks better than it sounds), and a huge bolt ring - a little painful to remove, and makes my hand weigh 5kg but worth it. So tomorrow get your butt down to your local hardware store, and hardware-ize your hands X


samantha rae said...

thats a great idea!
they look great with the gold nail polish! <3

district5 said...

Wow, something different. How can you bow your fingers in them?


WOLFCUB said...

thanks loveliess, uum finger bending is impossible in these bad boys, but its worth it X

Anonymous said...

without sounding freaky..you have very nice hands!!

WOLFCUB said...

hahah why thankyou anon, I think I have E.T fingers so your compliment has gone down well with me X

galatea. said...

these are soo trendy x

Elegantly Wasted said...

This is an amazing idea. At first glance I thought they were Sass & Bide, haha. I'm definitely feeling the need to get my DIY on now!!



Anonymous said...

ha ha reading the 'love aesthetics' blog by any chance?

Anonymous said...

check out the last picture on the post