time to get inked! Ive been wanting to get my first tattoo for a while - a feather on the back of my neck, buuut I'm terrified of needles. I think I'm going to have to get over that, because I've just decided on my second one, much to my father's horror. I don't know why, but I absolutly LOVE arrowheads. The true Indian meaning of an arrowhead is allertness, but to me they symbolise strength and determination. To tell you the truth  i don't really give a shit what it means, as long as it looks good. So I did a few reaaally really rough sketches the other night (I seem to be scribbling arrowheads on any surface I can find), and can't decide on  one. Leaning towards the bottom and top left, and maaaybe the top middle- arrgh I suck at making these decisions! It's going to be on the top of my foot pointing in the direction of my footsteps...what do you guys think? If you've got any ideas let me know x


Annabel said...

wow you're so talented! your drawings are great--i think top left is my fave!
loving your blog :)


Catarina Silva said...

nice drawings :) you're good at that!

xoxo, queenwithoutacrown

Devil's Pet said...

u r absolutely talented!!
i like the bottom one if it's gonna be on ur foot...


Kristen Leotsakou said...

i think the top and bottom left are the best, the top though looks more like an arrow. cant wait to get my first tattoo as well, i just know that once i start i wont stop :P

Sick by Trend said...

so cool!!! love all but maybe my favorite is the first! :) im following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)



Sister Golden Air said...

I like the top left one best, but they'll all work nicely as a tattoo. It's not too painfull at all, if you go in with the attitude that it'll hurt like hell, you'l be fine:) I haven't got any ink in ... shit that's 8 years now... time to go and get some more:)


WOLFCUB said...

thankyou all for your lovely advice! have booked an appointment for a months time, yew! xx