LOOK 1: AD by An Ode To No One dress, Nike Bra, Nelly chain, tee (stylist's own), LOOK 2: bikini & shirt (stylist's own), LOOK 3: Minty Meets Munt print pants & top, Bonds tee, Obey cap (stylist's own) LOOK 4: top, necklace, skirt & shirt (stylist's own), LOOK 5: sheer top, choker & bikini briefs (stylist's own), LOOK 6: jeans (stylist's own)


Some favourite images from my recent shoot with the divine Rebecca from Work Models. This girl, I tell you what. She was such a dream to shoot. Her face transformed from angle to angle - she kept surprising me. Thanks to Work Models for trusting me. Also a huge thanks to Koh for doing his thang, and Jessie for assisting. 

Polaroids still to come. 


Kate @ Glossy Pages said...

WOW this is incredible, well done on a great shoot I'm literally in love with each image, perfect outcome. You're a talented one, or bunch should I say!

Natasha Lawrence said...

I"m obsessed with the jeans used here! This shoot looks amazing! The photos came out beautifully!


Anonymous said...

you're a boss!

TheMinx said...

this is the coolest shoot. I love her 90s looking chinese character tattoo as well haha

Anonymous said...

those black and white images need some more editing. the light balance is wrong. but a nice shoot lady. x

cyeoms said...

jesus you are crazy talented. i'd swear this was straight from your inspiration files.

Kate said...

I hope it's okay but I posted one of these images to my tumblr with a click through link and credits in the tags! Although I can take it down if you'd prefer. Thanks! x