ROMWE   shirt
VINTAGE   houndstooth skirt
MARKET   sunglasses
NINEWEST   boots

That's not my garage door, but I wish it was. 
Pastel exteriors are more than okay with me.


nina said...

more outfit post please!
love your style, you look gorgeous!!!

liana said...

Youre a babe.
Also, do you like owning the tort KW number ones? I want to buy some but I'm not sure what colour I want to get!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I love this. The lighting against the pastels look amazing!! You're so beautiful, xxx

HoneyD said...

Love the houndstooth. Makes me think back to that one i nearly bought just before i went to NYC and i made myself put it back because i was saving for the states... regret that descision SO much. x

Camilla said...

amazing jumper :o

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

ps check out the giveaway on my blog!

taylah said...

you are so beautiful, and i love your taste too. Wolfcub has definitely become one of my favourite reads lately, it's amazing

bon. said...

awesome pastel garage door...and very awesome outfit. love that sweater, want the chanel 666 tee!


Christina Cavaleri said...

Absolute babe!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

lady long legs! lovvvvvely attire and door! xxx

nataliya said...

love this!!!!!


Jenny said...

I absolutely love the sweater, and your hair looks gorgeous!! :)

Nita Lappalainen said...

perfect look.