T A S H A    T I L B E R G

Flavour of the week.
Love her chest tattoo, septum ring & general self presentation.
New idol.


Crystallography said...

omg. she is just perfection! honestly. you don't get much better than that. she comes close to freja for me, and thats a big statement, xxx


Fabliha said...

damnnn she is so fine

Cleo said...

i love the natural edginess that she brings to every one of these shoots
her jagged har is super awesome also
and the that chest tatoo i can't help loving i love all her tatoos
Do you think getting a chest tatoo would be painful.


Anonymous said...

wow she is so beautiful

Anna said...

She's such a babe. Loving her tats!


Thalia Konigson said...

She is amazing ! LOVE the septum and the tattoos.
She really can rock any look, what a babe.

Great inspiration



Irina said...

She's the epitome of edginess! love her tats!

LK said...

I love this photoshoot, probably more than anything I have seen thus far. I love the attitude that she brings in each shot - I may also be having a love affair with her tattoos.

I just wish she wasn't as thin. In some of the pics it's a bit shocking. Don't get me wrong I love skinny and slim and sexy. In some shots though I wish she had said yes to breakfast that morning ;) I do think that models, as role models for younger girls, should be emphasizing healthy and not so waif like. There are two many girls who develop anorexia, bulimia and other unhealthy attitudes to food in an aid to look like Twiggy models(who more often have professional cooks and dietitian working with them to achieve these weights). Everyone can be slim, it's just a matter of staying healthy and alive in the process.

So back to her sexiness on camera. She is definitely a new style icon regarding her carriage of clothes and her fantastic hair cut!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

she is perfect. her body. my god.