I love her face so much, I can't stop looking. Huge forehead, but she works it. 

She's one of those rare breeds. There's pretty, and then there's airbrushed-in-real-life-pretty. You know the one's Im talking about - when you see them in the street, and you just cant seem to pull your eyes away from their face. Sucks when they catch you. They're just so impossibly beautiful. It's like, what kind of gigantic, heroic good deed did you commit in your past life to look like that now. This chick was probably Jesus. 


Isabella/ Crystallography said...

she is amazing. that face!

Style Hostess said...

she does! yup really like the third picture with that jacket.


Angie said...

I didn't really like her but now I've seen these pictures I think she's very cool! Here in Switzerland she's not that famous but I think this is because you can't get really famous here ;)
she really has a special face and on some of the pictures she looks awesome!
kisses from the bottom of the sea

Natalie said...

aw I love that first pic. Sulk face! :)


Fashion Tidbits said...

Lol. I love your writing, it cracks me up!

nataliya said...

she has such an interesting look it makes her stand out!!! gorgeous!


Sara Drazba said...

i concur, you had me laughing out loud gurlfrend! you never fail to inspire.
<3 theseunitedstatesofamericans

bon. said...

jesus or ghandi.
seriously who looks good giving the stink eye!