If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this watch I posted last night...isn't she beautiful. Biegert & Funk is the German based manufacturer responsible for this revolutionary design. Who would have known 110 letters could look so simple. The watch is available in 3 different languages - German, English & French, and will be available from Autumn 2012, at a cost of 550 (approx AU$700).

Or, if you're like me and don't have a money tree out the back, you can buy a cheaper version of the clock for your iPhone. A reasonable 99 cents later, and you've got a Qlocktwo in your pocket. Just search 'Qlocktwo' in the app store. Your welcome.

Also, in other news - Tuesday arvo my laptop crashed. As we speak, it's in Brisbane at the doctor, so I won't have access to it for about a week. I'm at uni today re-doing all the homeowork I lost, so can post, but just a heads up I'll be out of action for a bit. x

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Love rush said...

This is actually amazing, so slick.