M A U R I E   &   E V E   A U T U M N   C O L L E C T I O N   2 0 1 2

Just about to close my laptop for the night, when I see this. THIS being the most beautiful (Céline inspired) print, from Maurie & Eve's latest collection. I just need it. All of it. All over my body.

See the rest of the collection here 
available Feb 1st


SAMANTHA said...

OMG is right.. this is amazzzing I can't wait to see the rest!


il était une fois... said...

been crazy obsessed with the first look!! oyster did a sneak peek a lil' while ago i died! and now its almost huur!! whoop! XX

Elegantly Wasted said...

I love the style of the jumpsuit! It looks like it would be a really nice fit. Have you seen the actual look book? It's been shot just like Celines. Some of the other prints are very Stella McCartney inspired too!



WOLFCUB said...

your so right, yeah I saw the lookbook yesterday - it's a pretty identical setup to Celine's hey. Very cheeky, but looks insane. They've picked up their game haven't they x

B-B-Biancaa I knew you'd love this. I have a countdown on my phone until its available haha, but lets remind each other just in case... I NEED THAT JUMPSUIT xx