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E L L E   I T A L Y   M A R C H   2 0 0 1


I've had some good feedback referring to all these past editorials I've been posting - I'm so glad you guys love them as much as me. So here's another one for you. Monochrome styling - my favourite. I love this all so much, and her hair colour - ugh perfection, especially paired with her dark brows. Simple basics, styled to a tee. Ticks all the right boxes.


Kate N said...

yes love this and your recent posts! the minimal 90's/early 00's look is great and i love any editorial shot on film instead of digital!
I sent you an email saying thanks for the shout out on the earlier post, always happy to help!
I love the blog and hope to see more from you soon! x

WOLFCUB said...

oh my god I'm so sorry, I never check my emails! I'll go have a peek now. Thanks for all your lovely words x

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how cyclical fashion is. Every time i come your page I try to guess which year the editorials will be from. keep up the awesome posts please!

Miss N said...

totally could be a current editorial. love it missy xo

HoneyD said...

i posted a comment but it didn't publish. Waaa.
I have those long white pants. Garage sale, $10. Don't hate me.
Buuut the hems need to be taken down... job for brydie? I think so!

xx love

WOLFCUB said...

you guys xx such lovely things you've said.

Honey D I'm bringing a vintage sewing machine to Sydney (mum wont let me take hers), so once I figure out how to use it, Im on ze job! Also, $10 white pants brilliant work....of course you need them taken down you supermodel lean machine..bitch. haha love lots xx