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check out my new iPhone & Macbook covers. So mad about the pattern, I want it in wallpaper so I can make my bedroom look the the inside of a crystal. I also love the map laptop cover here, so so nuts. And so well priced. Buy these and more here x


SAMANTHA said...

OMG right when I saw this I knew it had to be society6, they have the best stuff. and the funniest part is that I have the map cover on mine right now!! it's awesome I get so much fun feedback. the quartz is super cool and mystical!


SAMANTHA said...

p.s. when i applied the map i put it on upsidedown. haha fml

il ├ętait une fois... said...

ahhh i stumbled upon this cover last week!! def wanted it too!! X

WOLFCUB said...

Samantha! hahah you clumsy thing, thats hilarious. So jealous, the map is insane x

Biancaaa great minds think alike! x

ediot said...

oh i like them a lot.
i want a new iphone cover. but i have an iphone 3gs. so it's hard to find any nice ones that fit.
great blog you got!