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C O S   S P R I N G   S U M M E R    2 0 1 2   /   V I A   L O V E   A E S T H E T I C S

the fact that COS doesn't ship to Australia, is really quite traumatizing after looking at this collection. I have some relatives in England, and am seriously considering getting a truckload of this perfection shipped to their address...


Kaitlyn said...

Oh my goodness, I know right?? I always love so much from COS and can never get my hands on it. I have exactly the same thoughts as you when my mum is working over in the UK, haha. Always want her to bring back a whole suitcase of it! xx


il était une fois... said...

obsessed with cos too!! think i need in on that truckload of perfection too ;) X

WOLFCUB said...

Kaitlyn we need to make it happen! A whole suitcase of Cossiness would be dreamy x

Yesss Bianca! Okay, if I end up getting some sent over, I'll let you in on the deal haha x