ahh I love all their accents. I think Polish is my favourite, or maybe Russian - they're so deep & manly, but just the coolest. How cute is the blondie that can't speak English! Liu Wen & Eniko are hilarious. Lindsay annoys me. And Karlie is perfection.


Elegantly Wasted said...

Oh god, I agree! I'm so glad someone else finds Lindsay annoying. Karlie is always so gorgeous! As is Frida!



WOLFCUB said...

YESS I hate Linsday! She is so irritating, finally someone who agrees with me! xx

galatea. said...

haha this was soo good to watch! i didn't know who Lindsay was in the video, and i looked her up and knew who you were talking about! what a dumb answer- to be a pilot. soo pretentious. haha

nice post xx

Jac said...

that was the best giggle!