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I've been feeling very spoiled by the Universe, so I feel it's time to spread the love & kick off another giveaway. Also, to say a super giant thank you to all my amazing followers - this wouldn't be nearly as fun without you guys. Anyway, I bought these silver cuffs for my portfolio shoot (will share with you guys soon), and couldn't decide on the colour. So I bought them in blue, and also in white. I ended up using the white ones, so thought I'd let someone else enjoy the blues. Right, to win these two beauties, all you need to do is:

1. follow WOLFCUB on Bloglovin' HERE
2. like WOLFCUB on Facebook HERE
3. Leave a comment with your name & email
4. Today give a stranger a compliment, it's actually the funnest thing

Goodluck! x

**closes Oct 20th


jules. said...

God them beuaties lmao, great giveaway, adore your blog.

julia trufin
Acompliment to a stranger quite funni! xxx

onceandmore said...

well, i haven’t been out of the house today, but last night i told a beautiful man that i liked his shirt. i think he liked that.

monica raju

Bec said...

love your blog!

bec brigden

Raez said...

Amazinggg. Two of my favourite trends (matching cuffs and agate) in one! Thanks for the sweet giveaway, keep up the awesome blog!

PS. Following you on both and two days ago, I told a woman I loved her scarf :)

xx Raez
heybigtrender @ gmail . com

Amelia Sultana said...

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR CUFFS LIKE THESE EVERYWHERE! i am in love :O and need this candy on my wrists asap :)

Amelia Sultana

You have an amazing blog! keep it up and never stop blogging because if you do i'll have to find another blog to look at literally everyday as soon as i get back from school!

Anonymous said...

.. i left a comment.. and now it is not here..
It was super long too.. cbf writing it again.
Love you brydie.
Love these cuffs.
Told a woman at the supermarket she had the most beautiful baby i have ever seen. Does that count? I suppose the baby is a stranger and it was in ear shot. Haha.
xxx honey debelle. Debelle.honey@gmail.com Keep up the good work hot stuff.

samantha rae said...

ahaha, done!!
samantha hatfield (facebook)



WOLFCUB said...

hahah I love all your 'stranger compliment' stories - you've obviously all got the right idea. Thanks for entering guys xx

blondegotblues said...

i recently started following wolfcub. love, love your blog!

1. following on bloglovin
2. likin on fb
3. claire wolfson from www.blondegotblues.com
4. lastnight i went to the solestruck flagship stores grand opening. there were so many amazing shoes & i complimented many strangers. ;)

ModelTalk said...

I didn't compliment a stranger myself, but i was in the presence of a friend who said 'you're reasonably attractive come hither.." to a stranger that certainly entertained us all weekend!!



Anonymous said...

oooooh i LOVE these!
I told a man i liked his shirt.... and he gave me his number!!
ha ha- the number of his girlfriends vintage store!
liked and following

WOLFCUB said...

love it! xx

brannen said...

such inspiration.

brannen . vick @ gmail . com

Amelia Sultana said...

i have been stuck in the boarding house studying and studying so i STILL havn't had time to give a stranger a compliment
BUT today at school i said to a sub teacher "i dig your style" and she emailed me all these crazy websites where she buys her clothes from
and yes...a sub teacher WAS wearing a chunky gold chocker! she should not be a teacher

p.s. my details are above, just wanted to share my compliment :)

Amory said...



Thank you! :)