PUBLISHED MAY 26, 2011                                                                                                       PUBLISHED JULY 1, 2011
THE URBAN SILHOUETTE                                                                                                      THE ADELAIDE MAGAZINE

The TUS girls and I couldn't help but notice that The Adelaide Magazine's latest shoot looks awfully familiar. On the left are pictures from the shoot I styled for The Urban Silhouette earlier this year. And on the right is, well, the same thing really, but a month later. I was always taught to take it as a compliment, if someone copies - rather than getting angry. That's a very difficult thing to do - as the TUS team and I worked so hard to create something unique. However, I'm definitely working on turning this negative into a positive. So, to the Stylist of 'Winter Warrior', thank you for copying my ideas - I'm very flattered, but please never do it again.


WOLFCUB said...

thanks for your lovely support Rhi, your one of a kind. xx

To anyone who wishes to discuss this post further, I would appreciate it if you do not hide cowardly behind 'anonymous', but rather under your own name - email me at wolfcub@live.com.au where we can have a civilized conversation.

Jo Grace said...

Hi Brydie,Who was the photographer of the Adelaide Magazine Shoot?

WOLFCUB said...

Hi Jo - Photographer: Jacqui Way, Stylist: Kate Bowden

mariza said...

Really like that post.Great inspiration :) I follow u now check out my blog xo