wowza okay so I was not expecting such amazing entries for the B.NATION competition. I was literally blown away with your responses - amaazing. Ive been trying to pick a winner for the past hour but each time I pick an answer, I feel terrible because all the other entries are SO deserving. All of you had such inspring, meaningful, and wild answers with such depth, I can't come to a decision! So, compliments to random.org a number has been chosen completely at random. The number that is chosen will co-incide with the comment number, and hence (love using that word) we will have or winner! Here goes...
Congrats Georgie! Well done lovely, please email me your address to wolfcub@live.com.au and I will send you your Lolita Maxi asap! Again, thank you to everyone else who entered, your all crazy creative and if i could sew as fast as lightning I would make you all dresses. Donezo! x

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