Hey cubs, so Kels & I decided to go our separate ways, and repost our own posts from our previous blog, on our new individual blogs. Phew. I just spent 4 hours copy-and-pasting my ass off, so my posts from the old site are now on this new one. The archive is going to have about 30 posts in one day, which is a nice reminder of my 4 hour cyber-fest. Ooo that sounds a bit cheeky doesn't it.... aaanyyway scroll down for all the old posts, and up up uuup for my new ones. I've got about 3 weeks worth of right-click-save on my laptop ready to be uploaded, so keep your ears pricked. Its 3 in the morning, my eyes are closing on me, im off to bed. Nighty night, don't let the werewolves bite x

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