Emilion Pucci SS 2011

my best friend went into the Emergency Room last night, so this one's for her. I saw this picture and instantly thought of Soph - she's such a beach bum, honestly lives at the beach. Always manages to look effortlessly beautiful, and has hair like a mermaid. I know she'd love this dress, and I also know that it would look astounding on her because she has the body of a supermodel. Soph if i were a gazillionare I would buy you this, but for now this picture will have to do. I hope it makes you feel even the tiniest bit better, get well soon, love you forever even though you're a weener xxx


Marta on cocogroove said...

This picture is gorgeous, like a goddess...I bet your friend would totally rock it! I hope your friend get better soon...Happy 2011!!

Alexandra said...

oh so cute. hope soph is okay.
best wishes!

alexandra xox


yoli said...

love that dress

WOLFCUB said...

Thank you all so much for your amazing best wishes, she's doing alot better today...it must have been the dress haha x