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then leave a comment on this post answering this question:
If you could be one animal, what would you be, and why?

*here's a hint...relate it to fashion
Dont forget to leave your name and email, so i can notify you if you're the lucky winner! This competition is open to readers & bloggers anywhere in the world. Competition closes on the 4th of Jan 2011 & the winner will be announced on the 5th
Goodluck cubs!
Love lots WC x


Lily Ibbo said...

i would be a tigress because they are strong, beautiful and fierce (channelling tyra banks right now). They walk with such grace, hunt until they get exactly what they want and wear their beautiful fur with pride. Tigress's remind me of Anna Wintour, they have a strength in their soul, they are a force to be reckoned with when they are in the midst of their true passion (fashion for Anna, hunting for tigress) and with one look they can have people silenced, scared and shaking.

WOLFCUB said...

WOW. oh.my.god. Lily Ibbotson that is the most amazing answer, i looove it. I was not expecting that haha your in 1st place love youuu xxx

Ella West said...

I would defiantly be a leopard, their vibrant and hypnotising pattern has taken the fashion world by storm. (I am trying to find some leopard print wedges, so if you know any places that sell them, let me know.) Leopards have a timid and shy personality when they stalk their pray just like Miranda Kerr or Abbey Lee Kershaw. They suddenly strike, pounce and take a sudden turn into a wild and fierce personality like Kate Moss or Rumi Neely.

P.s love the blog and good luck for the future :) xx

Kaiya Ferguson said...

I would be a flamingo I think... They're so unbelievably queer looking and I adore that awfully so! Also, I received a splendidly divine triwa watch for christmas called the flamingo... so I am slightly obsessed with this bird currently. Also! Have you seen the kanye west film clip (the 34 minute one) with the phoenix? The girl coated in feathers resembles a flamingo! And it is lovely! And I desperately would like to walk around in that costume however I would be arrested for indecency in public. None the less it would be superbly fashionable. Really, all in all, I've come to realise these past few days that flamingos are incredibly fashionable creatures! Their stunning long legs, their pastel colouring, and of course feathers! Can they be any more idyllic? I really think not.

Please pretty please may I have one of these gorgeous dresses! I think if I wear it along with an outrageous feather headband sitting on my desk I may achieve some flamingo qualities. And I would love that.


WOLFCUB said...

amaaazing girls, very inspiring. Im going to have such a hard time trying to pick a winner x

Georgie said...

I would be a butterfly, because they are carefree and individual. Sometimes such an emphasis can be put on being styled to suit other people, or following popular trends so that others will think that you fall into a normal category. What i believe people forget is that a part of fashion is actually to style yourself to your individual fashion sense, we should be the ones setting the trends not following them. Love what you love without hesitation. And i believe that a butterfly does this. Their wings carry the most beautiful, colourful, and individual print. Each stripe, spot, or splash of colour is created by you, and not one single butterfly in the whole world will ever have the same print as you nor will they be able to copy it. Its yours forever, and it looks best on you because you created it from birth.

Two fashion icons who i believe completely embodies a butterfly's sense of fashion are Theodora Richards, and Rumi Neely. Both follow the basic principles of fashion styling, however they add their owns twists, eclectic interpretations and prints you would not normally see in any conventional shop. By doing this it is like they both have created their own individual print that no other will ever have.

Wouldn't that be the best? To have your own individual print, your own stripe, spot, and splash, that no body else but you would own. I know thats what i would want, i would want to be a butterfly.


monica. said...

I would be an eagle. Like the mysterious & majestic leader of the sky, I am forever watching & waiting for the next irrestible morsel of style/trend/inspiration to reveal itself to me so that I can swoop down on it and snatch it up with my steely claws. The keen eye-sight, fierce beauty and utter self-confidence that an eagle beholds are revered qualities in the fashion industry and qualities that I myself aspire towards.


WOLFCUB said...

you guys...wow. This is so hard to choose a winner xxx